Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fresh Start

Every new year I like to get rid of a few things...needless to say my closet will never look this neat -- or this pink!  Happy New Year...Happy New Start!


Michelle said...

I would love to have a pink closet like that! Don't even ask me about my needs a fresh beginning BADLY! :) I love your flip flops!

Linda said...

Agreed!! The flip flops are very "cool" and so it the closet! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Cute new header!

I will never, ever be as organized as that. I've accepted that personal flaw about myself. ;)

I noticed a couple of mochi photos on the side of your blog and was wondering (I should ask Michelle too) if you have a really good mochi recipe. I make a Chichi Dango (coconut mochi), but I am trying to find a more authentic tasting one. A Japanese-American friend of mine makes a butter mochi, which, IMO, tastes even less authentic. Thanks in advance!