Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What would my dream birthday cake be like?  Well I'd love to hire this man to come make my piano into a scrumptious chocolate birthday treat!  Thanks to everyone for all your great wishes - you made my day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Waiting in Anticipation

Alright, I'll admit it.  With all my baking, decoupaging and making handmade soaps, deep inside I'm a Trekkie at heart.  Always have been, always will be.  In fact, many thought my dad looked like Leonard Nimoy!  He was the one who actually introduced the series to me as a kid and I've watched ever since!

When I worked for UPN a few years back I even asked to work on the new "Enterprise" series with Scott Bakula.  They started me out slow with "Voyager" (which wasn't the best in the series) and then to "Enterprise".  I wrote and produced on-air promos (or commercials that promoted the series).  I was in Trekkie heaven.

My favorite series was "Star Trek: The Next Generation"....nothing like Captain Picard up against a few random Borg!

Now, just a few years later I'm elated to discover another Trekkie on the horizon.  Looks like a pretty handsome cast too - I can't wait to see it!  Live long, prosper, and enjoy the new film!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bargain Finds and a Sign of Things To Come

Hello everyone!  Well after a very very busy month I'm ready to catch up on some blogging!  Here are a few bargain finds from this past month - aren't they cute?  I bought these two tins signs at Joann's Fabrics for around three dollars each.  I think they're adorable, light weight and give my kitchen a little touch of country!  

Do you get catalogues in the mail?  I do....I don't need to go out and buy magazines anymore because I get so many catalogues in the mail!  Well, while perusing the Pottery Barn catalogue, I spied these beautiful glass jars!  Originally $40 each I got them for just $9 each!  That's a steal!  I love this color because it reminds me of beach glass.....

Finally, my sister gave me this adorable chalk board while my daughter and I visited her a while back, and I decided to make this bold statement after realizing I spend nearly a third of my day cleaning up after others!  Definitely a sign of things to come!  Well, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!