Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Summer Day

Today was spent looking for a new desk for my daughter before school starts....

...making baked wontons from scratch with her (recipe to come)...

...all while our dog Max stood guard outside.....have a great day!


Michelle said...

Hey sis! I like that first desk...actually the second is cute too. :) Those wontons look awesome!! I'm going to try them when you put up the recipe. Max is so good....he's beginning to look more and more like Murphy.



Tracey said...

I really like either desk,, they are sturdy,yet very fun and girly! You have great taste just like your sister. I also love your dog..does he shed?? I need to find a companion before my husband goes on deployment. Have a great weekend!!

fiberdoodles said...

The won tons look yummie and Max is too cute!


Hisako Hill said...

Yum....Those wontons reminded me when you were helping me to wrap them when you were little:)
Generation to's a good thing:)

Love you!!