Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mom... I'm bored!

They are the words a mother dreads to hear the most. Well at least this mom does! School starts in less than 2 weeks and my daughter uttered the words I dread most, "Mom, I'm bored!" I made it through the entire summer entertaining this little person and ran out of steam just short of the new school what did I do? I told her to play dress up with the dog! I was definitely bad to the bone! So without further delay, here's your impromptu doggie fashion show.....walking down our catwalk today is "Max" in his casual hiphop outfit....yo dog!

Next, we have Max modelling our sneak peek fall look "smashing pumpkins"...he does look rather smashing, doesn't he?

Here we have princess attire with it's very own teeny tiny tiara - don't ask me how she got his ears through there...

And yes, the ever popular "up" do for that special evening out.....and there you have it!

What a good doggie you are Max!


Michelle said...

Hey sis!

Max is so patient! Reminds me so much of Murphy. I love the cat walk show and that up chic! Lol!

Tracey said...

Max is a great model..and your daughter should check out Project Runway.. there may be a future there!! Great looks on the dog and your daughter is adorable!

fiberdoodles said...

How adorable!


Pam said...

What a good (and patient) dog indeed. My kids are saying I'm bored too.

Hisako Hill said...

Max is a cool model, so perfect and patient! Paris you are pretty good putting the out fit together. I love it!!

I miss you Paris.


Carol said...

I spotted Max on my blog updates!
wow he is one handsome boy.

Carol x