Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Brand of Cereal!

Well my daughter came home with a very interesting assignment the other day - the class was asked to come up with a new brand of cereal based on a fairy tale character.  My daughter chose Little Red Riding Hood because she figured Max our dog would make a good wolf!  Needless to say, she had everything planned out - we taped her in front of our yard and she and I learned how to make a short movie through IMovie (I Mac)...  each student was asked to make a video or act a commercial out live.  My daughter said she was too shy to act it out in front of the class, so she acted it out on the tape alright!  It was fun and turned out cute!  Don't forget to turn off the blog music before playing the video:)  Happy viewing!


Michelle said...

That is the best video ever!!

Pam said...

Too cute - she did a GREAT job. Both of my kids really liked it.

Hisako Hill said...

Best Ceareal commercial Ever!!!


Joy said...

That is so incredibly cute! I burst out laughing when the dog first had the scarf on, and the sound effect when his ears sprung up... I loved it! Really cute at the end when they are both eating cereal. You both (actually all three)did a great job. It was fun to watch. (I follow Michelle's blog and sometimes check yours.)

Rue said...

Hi Janet :)

That was GREAT!!! I hope she gets an A+ because she really deserves it :)