Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend visit from Sis!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend - my sister came to visit us which we always love!  She made this adorable plaque for me, isn't it sweet?  She only stayed for just over a day, but we filled up her time with lots of fun!

My daughter introduced my sister to her new horse "Beebop" - he such a sweetheart and was very happy to meet her!

Our Airedale Terrier Max caught some zzzzzz's while we were at the barn.....he's certainly got the right idea!


Michelle said...

Thanks for a wonderful fun-filled visit sis!!! I love home and just baking, sitting around and chatting, looking at magazines and eat good food when I'm at your house. :) Love you guys with all my heart!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle is such a love! Your daughter and her horse are so cute!!

Carol said...

OOOOh, Max is gorgeous, what beauty.
The horse is lovely too. My daughter-in-law is very into her horses and has been since a very little girl. I guess once you fall in love with them it continues throughout life.
Carol x

Pam said...

What a beautiful horse and a cute little pup. I love the plaque your sister made you - you should turn it into your blog header.

Thanks for your very kind words on my blog - you made my day.