Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer in Montana

This summer we went back to Montana after having such a fun time last Christmas! We wanted to see what was under the snow and we were pleasantly surprised!

We stayed at Gaynor's Ranch and was an awesome place to stay!

We were welcomed by the house posse (Tank, Hemie, and Sam)

...and my daughter spent most mornings taking care of 40 horses on the property....

She especially loved fly fishing at Glacier National Park with dad! We didn't want to come back to California after that!


Michelle said...

LOVE that posse greeting sis! Lol! One day I will have to come with you guys. Looks like lots of fun!! :) xoxo

Your sis

kuroki said...

I feel so jealous of you ... this way of life here in Brazil is all so quiet ... but do what? is life... XD