Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sea Glass Vases

Life has been like a wave of craziness the past month with school ending, dance recitals and year end celebrations....I always feel like the last month before school lets out is like jumping off a diving board into the deep end of a swimming can only hold your breath for so long....I'm happy to say I survived it all!
Anyway, before all this craziness set in I took a moment to purchase these darling blue vases from Pottery Barn on sale:) Originally $40 for the largest, I bought these at just $9 each! I love clearance shopping when I find something marvelous on sale! I hope this little post finds everyone happy and healthy.....enjoy the start of summer!


Anonymous said...

What a deal! I love Pottery Barn stuff.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Those are soooooo cool!!!!

m ^..^

Hisako Hill said...

Your post is so cool and airy. I feel a soft breeze looking at it:)


Candy-Faith :) said...